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     Lucid Automobile Records Lucid Automobile Records ICON

Track your auto expenses and calculate your cost per mile of operation. Calculate your gas mileage so you can determine if you need to have work done on your vehicle, or if one brand of gas is better than another.

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     Lucid Client Intake System

The Lucid Client Intake System was designed for a specific client with specific requirements.  The basic functionality of this product may be useful to your organization.  Of course, we expect that you would want the application tailored to your needs.  The Lucid Client Intake System is a complex application that can be used as a basis for your custom application.  Since many components may be used with only minor changes, this means that the development cost for your project could be reduced significantly, as you will not have to pay development costs for components that have already been developed.

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     Lucid Compact Disk Library Lucid Compact Disk Library

Enter Video DVD and Audio CD information, including album time, track information and album cover art.  Record personal information about each CD such as purchase price, where purchased, and product review information.

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     Lucid Electronics Workbench Lucid Electronics Workbench ICON

Calculate component values for a variety of electronic circuits: Power Supplies, Regulators, LED load resistors. Includes a handy Ohm's Law calculator.

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     Lucid Help Desk Help Desk ICON

Track requests for a variety of maintenance and installation services (e.g., Requests for the installation or repair of computers, computer software, telephones and facility requests).

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     Lucid Inventory System Lucid Inventory System ICON

Maintain an inventory of all your belongings.  Includes an interface to Quicken®.

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     Lucid Personal Address Book Lucid Personal Address Book

Maintain your Address and Phone book, print envelopes, labels and reports from the application.  List and search phone number directory and dial numbers.  Add codes to each contact and print Christmas Card lists and labels.

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     Lucid Reserve Study Lucid Reserve Study ICON

Are you responsible for creating the reserve study for your homeowner's association?  Do you want to check the numbers provided to you by your management company?  Do you want to experiment with different numbers in order to see if you can reduce your monthly homeowner association fees?  If you said 'yes' to any of these questions, this reserve study software is for you!

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     Lucid Time Sheet Lucid Time Sheet

Use this handy time sheet application for tracking your employee's time against projects.  If you are a consultant yourself, you can track the time you have spent on a project and generate reports for billing your clients.  In addition, you can track your mileage and print reports for client billings and tax deductions.

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     Work-in-Process Barcode System Work-in-Process Barcode System ICON

Tracks the manufacturing processes using barcode scanners.

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     Electronic Manuals Book ICON

We carry a variety of manuals for appliances and electronic equipment. Manual selections include Assembly Instructions, User Manuals and Maintenance Manuals.

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     Garage SaleBook ICON

New and gently used items for sale.

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